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Clash of Clans is a mobile combat strategy game that is exceptionally popular today especially for the players. This program was developed by supercell and designed to let players build and defend their village. With this game, many people have learned to use certain strategies. If you are still playing Clans clash, you may want to enjoy unlimited gems and several hack and cheat, which will certainly take you to the next level of gaming experience. In this book you will be able to learn more about Clash of Clans and how you can use the cheats, tips, hack and hack online tool.

Chapter 1:

What you need to know about Clash of Clans notions

in the world of mobile games, there are millions of games that became popular. However, few remains unbeatable. One of the most popular games today is Clash of the clans. It is an iPhone, iPod, Android and iPad game that was designed by supercell. It has been available worldwide on the iTunes store for free since it was published for the first time on August 2 2012 Second, Clash of Clans is now available on Google Play Store on October 8 2013 If you’re one of the players in this fantastic game, there are other things you should know about it.


Clash of clans hack
clash of clans hack
Clash of Clans defined

Clans matchup is a battle strategy game in which players can build and develop their own village, effectively unlock more powerful warriors and defenses, pillage resources and raided some villages. Players can also join other clans and more.

Although clash Clans is free to play, he further in purchases of games that can be purchased with real money from Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store. But the majority of the features are open to those who choose not to discuss in-app purchases. Clash of Clans is available on Android and iOS platforms.

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among strategy games available today in the area of ​​mobile telephony, Clash of Clans is perhaps the most popular. Many people from different walks of life can enjoy this game as it has no age or gender restrictions. Adults and children, men and women can not wait to dive into the game world to create a new town or village. They are ready to fight against their territories and make friends with some of their neighbors. In fact, just to do it, they can sit for hours creating their own little world on their terminal screens. If you are one of mobile gaming addicts, you should not dare miss Clash of clans.

When it comes to graphics, Clash of Clans is fairly graphic. It is excellent compared to other games. In addition, it should not be a huge space, and it is fast operating. Once you have reviewed this game, you can not help but to admire the developers of the game. With its bright colors and unique characters, you will surely have a good time playing with it.

In terms of gameplay, Clash of Clans is easy to navigate. In fact, you do not need to consider any tutorials as controls are simple and do not give you headaches. Players receive resources, which include green gems, gold coins and magic elixir. These are used in construction and come in handy during battles. Gold coins and elixir are known recoverable resources. The player can get them in the basement and can be taken away from nearby village during a military campaign. Players can also buy their gems. The third resource is not always easy to obtain. There are cases that green gems can be earned or found, but it is a rare occasion. These resources are also useful in the process of building or training warriors. But green gems can be purchased with real money only.

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